K&L MC615R Air Lift
  • K&L MC615R Air Lift

    MC615R Air Lift

    K&L has brought a new level of quality to the market with the MC615R. This lift is proof that K&L quality can be enjoyed by every shop. The MC615R has a rated working capacity of 1000lbs, making it perfect for Sportbikes and standards especially when used with K&L Lifting Arm Kits. Optional side panels increase the working deck width to 48".


    • 1000lbs. max capacity
    • Rear drop panel
    • Max raised height of 35"
    • Lowered height is 7.25"
    • Automatic safety locks
    • Loading ramp included
    • One year warranty
    • 24" x 84" deck



    • Capacity: 1,000lbs.
    • Width: 24"
    • Width w/ side panels: 48"
    • Length: 84"
    • Maximum Height: 35"
    • Minimum Height: 7.25"
    • Weight: 363lbs.
    • Drop panel: rear
    • Wheels: Yes (option)
    • Warranty: 1 year
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