K & L MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift
  • K & L MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift

    MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift

    The MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift is how K&L Supply defines Air Superiority. This lift combines the best features of their MC655R hydraulic lift with the convenience of air. The new Ram Squared twim cylinder system gives the MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift a rated working capacity of 1750lbs. Optional side panels, now with K&L redesigned fastmount system, increase the working width of the MC625R Heavy Duty Air Lift to 56.5 or 68.5 inches, allowing the widest utility vehicles and golf carts to be serviced. An easy to install extension is also available, adding two feet front or rear to the overall length for custom bikes. Combine those features, plus the value you expect from K&L and you have a lift that will be right for all of your needs. 


    • 1,750lbs. max capacity
    • 29.6x 86.5 deck
    • Drop panels at front and rear of lift
    • Max raised height of 40 inches
    • Lowered height is 8.5 inches
    • Automatic safety lock
    • Loading ramp included
    • One year warranty



    • Capacity: 1,750lbs.
    • Width: 29.5"
    • Width w/ side panels: 56.5" or 68.5"
    • Length: 86.5"
    • Maximum Height: 40"
    • Minimum Height: 8.5"
    • Weight: 540lbs
    • Drop panel: Front and rear
    • Wheels: Yes (option)
    • Warranty: 1 year
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