Michelin Off Road Anakee Adventure Tires

Michelin Off Road Anakee Adventure Tires

Confidence on any adventure!

Tremendous Wet Grip

  • New silica tread compounds provide tremendous wet grip for added confidence on slippery wet roads


A new level of stability

  • MICHELIN Bridge Block Technology introduced on MICHELIN Anakee Wild tires combined with MICHELIN 2CT+ Technology in the rear tire provides a new level of on-road stability

Precise Handling and Longevity

  • The optimized profile combined with all-new tread pattern and MICHELIN 2CT compounds are designed to provide precise handling and long-lasting performance

Confident Off-Road Traction

  • The fully grooved geometric tread pattern is designed to deliver uncompromising traction off-road

Original equipment on 2019 BMW R1250 GS motocycles

TL (Tubeless)