Michelin Off Road Trial X-Light Tire

Michelin Off Road Trial X-Light Tire

SKU: 87-9543/87-9552

Technology developed through more than 25 World Championships

  • Updated casing design improves lateral stability in corners, compared with earlier Michelin trials tires
  • Michelin Trial X-Light rear tire is more than a pound lighter than its predecessor, reducing unsprung weight, for improved suspension response and maneuverability

Compatible with low air-pressue settings

  • Redesigned bead area increases sidewall rigidity to reduce tire movement on the rim, even at very low air pressure

Improved performance on loose soil and rocks

  • New Maximized Contact Patch casing for better grip on loose surfaces and when cornering
  • More flexible tread area for better grip on obstacles and rocks
  • Supple casing and rubber compounds provide excellent shock absorption and exceptional traction
  • Remarkably precise steering and sensitive handling
  • Sizes with "R" designation are a radial design

TT (Tube Type)