Motion Pro Pivot Suspension Vise
  • Motion Pro Pivot Suspension Vise

    SKU: 08-0628
    • Designed to make suspension service simple and quick
    • Holds shocks and forks securely while you change oil, re-valve, or change seals
    • Pivoting head holds parts in any position, with mechanical stops every 45 degrees
    • Aluminum Soft Jaw Vise holds cylindrically shaped parts utilizing a 4 point grip system
    • Large side holds 40 mm to 61 mm diameter parts
    • Small side holds 16 mm to 34 mm diameter parts
    • Steel Frame is rigid yet has a small footprint, with 4 pre-drilled holes in the base for secure mounting to a bench
    • Movable fluid catch pan with mesh insert, and threaded drain bung


    • Soft Jaw Fork Peg holds fork slider up for removal of dust seal and seal retaining clip
    • Repositionable bottom slide bar holds forks compressed while bleeding air (priming cartridge) during reassembly and is an excellent platform for adding, adjusting and taking fork oil level measurements
    • Can be used to assist in removing compression valve assembly (use of stock front axle required)



    • Holds shock firmly around shock body, shaft or shock reservoir
    • Facilitates removal of piston rod and seal head
    • Facilitates removal of shock reservoir caps, chamber pistons or bladder
    • Holds shock to remove spherical bearings or needle bearings
    • Holds shocks for removal of shock spring