Motoz Mountain Hybrid
  • Motoz Mountain Hybrid


    The Motoz Mountain Hybrid Tire is a new concept for off-road tires that combines the traction of a trials tire and the handling of a serious off-road tire into one. It does this with a new tread design concept that works on a flexible tread concave and lock system, giving increased traction while avoiding punctures at low inflation pressures. The Motoz Mountain Hybrid tire climbs like a trials tire but handles corners, river crossings, sand and rocks like a regular DOT compliant off-road tire.


    • Handles like a traditional off-road tire
    • Grips like a trials tire
    • Reinforced sidewalls allow low tire pressure when riding.
    • DOT compliant.
    • Great wear life.
    • Reversible for more tread life
    • Each tread block has deep sipes for extra trails like grip