Motoz Tractionator Adventure Front Motorcycle Tire

Motoz Tractionator Adventure Front Motorcycle Tire

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Typically known for their off-road and enduro tires, the MotoZ Tractionator Adventure Tire is an on-road, DOT compliant front tire that’s made for adventure riders that split their time between asphalt and dirt. The front Tractionator Adventure Tire shares many of the same features as the rear. That includes a very durable carcass, specialized rubber compounds that increase tire life, and deep tread blocks that actually sharpen their own edges as the tire wears.

The result is a front tire that tracks well on both the street and off-road trails. Riders report the tire having very good manners on tarmac during longer road trips, and excellent traction off road—even on steep inclines, wet mud, and loose gravel—making the Motoz Tractionator Adventure one of the best adventure tires currently available.


  • Designed for serious off-road traction
  • Created by off road riders, for off road riders
  • 25% stronger than many other adventure tires
  • Deeper tread than most other adventure tires
  • Special compound designed to withstand the harshest conditions found in Australia, USA, Baja, South America, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Morocco, etc.
  • Tread is designed to self-protect for long mileage and superior off road cornering
  • Tube/Tubeless design
  • DOT compliant
  • Directional tread