Offroad MX Jump Helmet
  • Offroad MX Jump Helmet

    A well- known name among fans of motocross and of all has to do with mud, sand and jumps, but which is difficult to leave behind.
    A tricomposite fiber shell as strong as light available in three different EPS sizes and with modular cheek pads, this helmet gives the possibility to every off road rider to find the right comfort, essential feature necessary to face the off road activity with the required concentration.

    The wide window ensures the maximum visibility and a great air inflow even at low speeds. And, because it’s important to have a helmet that represents the personality of each rider, Suomy added a new appealing and trendy graphic for the 2019 collection which follows the market demands.


    Shell in TRICARBOCO material, produced in two sizes (M and L), mix of Kevlar, carbon and fiber, joint through resin.
    Internal polystyrene in 3 sizes (S , M and L) to get the best fitting with variable density as per the size.


    MRJUMP is homologated as per the following rules:

    ECE 22-05 Europe
    DOT America and Canada
    JIS Japan
    INMETRO NBR 7471 Brasil

    You have to refer always to the homologation of the country in which the helmet is sold.


    CHEEK PADS completely removable and washable, with different thickness to get a perfect customization od the helmet.

    INTERNAL SHELL completely removable and washable, in different thicknesses for a complete customization of the product.
    The internal removable shell has been studied for an uniform stand on the head. The visible channels allow the air flow to check the temperature in the internal part of the helmet and to let off the hot air through the back part.

    INNER (cheek pads and inner liner) are completely in fabric COOLMAX® ACTIVE with treatment INTERPOWER:

    • Wicks sweat away from the body.
    • Keeps the user fresh, dry and comfortable.
    • Lightweight, soft and breathable fabric.
    • Performance verified and certified by ADVANSA.


    The SHELL is in polystyrene with channels for air flows.
    In the front part there are upper and back air ventilations, which help the internal helmet ventilation.

    On the CHIN GUARD there is an air ventilation for the front ventilation.


    The OUTER SHELL has ribs to channel better the air flows.

    The PEAK has an aereodynamic impact.

    The wide open space in the front allows the use of any kind of glasses.


    To have a maximum safety the helmet must fit tightly and be correctly and securely fastened, in order not to be able to be taken off neither by pulling it nor by rotating it around the head.

    If it is too big, it may slide down over the eyes or turn in a lateral direction due to movement during riding, blocking the right visibility.

    OUTER SHELL in tricarboco material, mix of Kevlar, carbon and fibre, joint through resin hand made using new technologies, which foresee aramidic resins.

    INTERNAL POLYSTYRENE protective lining, available in three sizes (S, M and L). The special shape and construction in different density increases mechanical resistance in the event of accidental shock. Inner channels studied in the wind tunnel guarantee a perfect ventilation.

    The D-RING RETENTION SYSTEM has been designed and patented by Suomy.

    Insert the free side of the strap in the rings. Pull the end until the strap presses firmly against the jaw.

    After this operation, it should not be possible to remove the helmet. Verify that by grabbing it from the back and rotating it to the front it cannot be removed and it is fixed to the head. If the helmet tends to come off or rotates freely, tighten the strap again until the right pressure is obtained and repeat test.

    If after repeating the test you are not able to efficiently tighten the retention system, do not use the helmet. Only after checking the correct tension of the strap, fix the free end locking it with the automatic stud to the release tab.

    The automatic stud is necessary only to fix the free end of the strap to prevent it from flapping while riding. Fixing the release button does not assure that the helmet is correctly in position and properly fastened: the correct locking of the strap must be verified exclusively following the above paragraphs.

    To release the retention system, release the automatic stud button and pull the release tab to loosen the closure. Slide out the free end of the strap from the «D Rings». Use the release tab only to remove the helmet! Never release this tab while riding.


    EPS M
    Taglia casco/Helmet Size







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