Rear Caliper
  • Rear Caliper

    Caliper in two pieces made entirely from billet. This machining, which uses sophisticated numerically controlled equipment, provides maximum stiffness and lightweight values which are reflected in its excellent performance.

    The caliper body houses two 34 mm diameter pistons. Particular attention was dedicated to achieving optimum braking control even in poor grip conditions due to any lightening of the rear wheel during the braking phase. The caliper has sintered brake pads which represent the best of what is currently available on the market.

    The caliper is nickel plated and is marked with the production batch for immediate traceability, as well as the embossed and hand painted Brembo logo.


    Position REAR
    Caliper Body 2-PIECES  
    Ø Pistons mm 34
    Pistons Q.ty 2
    Disc height mm          35
    Material Billet aluminium
    Surface protection Nickel coating
    Piston material Aluminium
    Weight w/o pads (gr) 581
    Mounted pads included Yes
    Offset (mm) 10
    Note Dedicated to european Sportsbike with Brembo OE caliper