Reign Slowhand Gloves
  • Reign Slowhand Gloves

    The UAO Slowhand Gloves are cool, light, but above all they're incredibly tactile. Reign is always trying to think outside of the box, and since precision throttle, clutch and braking are so important, we opted to do something completely different. These  gloves feature palms made from a single layer of ultra-soft Cabretta leather, that create such a "second skin" sensation you'll forget you're wearing them! Gusseted fingertips also enhance dexterity and lever feel.


    Sizing help:

    Measure from the tip of your middle finger, to the first crease in your wrist, just under the base of your palm. If you're at the end of one size, and the beginning of the next, we suggest you choose the smaller size.


    Medium: 7+ to 7.5"
    Large: 7.5+ to 8"
    X-Large: 8+ to 8.5"
    XX-Large: 8.5+ to 9"