Reign V4 Honda Pants

Reign V4 Honda Pants

The Reign VMX Honda V4 motocross pants are the perfect blend of classic, old-school looks with modern features and materials! 

  • In the boot pants with pockets! Three of them, in fact: two hidden front pockets and one hidden back pocket. Plenty of room for your keys, cash, phone, etc. for when you're between motos or doing trail riding.

  • Buckled belt with 5 positions, and gathered back waist with gripper elastic to keep you comfortable and your jersey tucked in.

  • Expanded knee and calf area to accommodate a wider range of knee braces.

  • Front-facing crotch stretch panel offers both mobility and increased airflow.

  • Fully lined for comfort both on the track and in the pits.


All Reign MX pants utilize a five-notch belt, with the notches spaced one inch apart. The middle (3rd) notch is the "neutral" position, neither tightening the pants, nor allowing the side stretch panels to increase the waist size. Using the other notches, you can decrease or increase the waist size by 2 inches in either direction.

If you're between sizes, your general body shape will help you to determine what to choose. For example, let's say you're a person who wears either 36 or 38 in regular pants, depending on the cut, because your waist size is actually 37. You should choose the size 36 Reign pants, since the side stretch panels will let the waist size increase. On the other hand, if you also have fitment issues caused by large, muscular thighs/calves/buttocks, go with size 38. The belt will allow you to tighten down to a 37, but you'll get the extra room you need.