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EMP Customs & Shop Projects


1993 Ducati Superlight

Project Super Light started off life as a clean, mostly stock, non-running 1 owner 1993 Ducati MK1 900SL. The goal was to build a trick reso-mod but leave the bike looking stock at the same time. All the parts used on this build are period correct and could be purchased in the 1990's. The bike still sports its original Marvic/Akront rims. It now also sports polished Termignoni pipes, Keihin FCR 41mm flat side carbs, 1/4 turn throttle, K&N pod air cleaners, polished hand fabricated battery box with air box delete and Dyna coils. For the suspension we went with a Ohlins DU-235 rear shock and Race Tech fork internals. The brakes and clutch have been upgraded with Brembo Mark 2 master cylinders, Yoyodyne clutch slave cylinder and steel braided brake and clutch lines. Other improvements include a high mount oil cooler, Cycle Cat riser bars, hand fabricated reservoir brackets, Woodcraft rear sets, Nichols motor mount bolts, Nichols crank case breather with K&N filter and a Nichols side stand nut. I also freshened the bike up with new head bearings, wheel bearings, tires, timing belts, valve adjustment, spark plugs and fresh fluids. Future improvements will include a motor rebuild with a high compression piston kit, head work, cams and Carrillo rods. This bike was sold new at Pro Italia Motors in Glendale, California and featured on the cover of  Ducati; Enthusiast Color Series book. Along with been shown at multiple events after its 2010-2011 restoration, appearing on, and winning the 2017 Huntington Beach, California Concours d'Elegance for best 851 888 Supersport. 


Ducati 749R Track Bike

Project Track Bike is a brand new "224 mile" 2005 Ducati 749R. It left the factory with Ohlins front forks, Ohlins rear shock, Ohlins steering damper, titanium valves and titanium Pankl connecting rods. It also came with a larger homologation fuel tank and carbon belt covers which I have removed and put in a box. I have installed a standard 749 fuel tank as a track throw away, Shark Skinz race fairings, a LeoVince slip on exhaust and a Moto Holders fairing stay. Other improvements include Brembo RCS clutch and front brake master cylinders, WoodCraft clip-ons, WoodCraft rear sets, WoodCraft clutch cover, Speedy Moto under body work frame sliders, rear spool sliders and front axle sliders. The Ohlins suspension was great from the factory but has been sprung and valved for a 220 lbs rider with gear using factory Ohlins internals. This bike has been featured on, and went off to win a championship. 


Ducati 996 Sport Production Special (SPS)

The "Lady in Red" is a 2000 Ducati 996 Sport Production Special. This currently is and always has been my dream bike. She also happens to be my rider with 24,000 miles on the clocks. This bike still has all the trick factory parts including a full 50mm Termignoni exhaust that has been polished, Ohlins forks, Ohlins rear shock and Ohlins steering damper. It also left the factory with Pankl connecting rods, hot cams, P-8 ECU and carbon fiber galore. I have improved the bike a bit with Marchesini magnesium wheels, DP quick change sprocket carrier with AFAM 15/38 sprockets. I also installed a lighter clutch basket with modern aluminum clutch plates, Speedy Moto pressure plate, springs and open 5-spoke cover. The bike came with Cycle Cat rear sets and side stand when I purchased it. I have left those on there but have lowered the rear sets to accommodate my gimp knee. I have improved the ergonomics, brakes and clutch as well. The bike now has Fast by Ferracci clip-ons with Driven tubes and reservoir brackets, Brembo Mark 2 master cylinders and a Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder. The only future planned modification is the installation of a billet aluminum Ohlins bottom triple clamp that I recently scored. Not to say she is finished because they never are.


Ducati 900 SS

This 1993 Ducati 900SS was bought as a project off of a former racer. It had a 944 motor with Pistal pistons, and Carrilo rods, Nichols lightened fly wheel, with head work, FCR 41 carbs, Dyna ignition system, smog and air box delete, custom fab battery box, Forza pipes, Cycle Cat risers, Brembo gold masters, Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder, DP rear sets, Ohlins rear shock, RaceTech springs and gold valves in the forks, as well as other period hot-rod mods. This was my daily rider and canyon carver for 3 years. After I was hit by a deer, the bike was completely rebuilt into "Orange Crush", which was competitively raced by Llyod Johnson. Who went on to win a champonionship race season on the bike, that we built togther; at our old Chatsworth, California facilty. 


Ducati 900 SS Race Bike

Out of the ashes, came this 1993 Ducati 900 SS. Blue printed, race built motor, custom fabricated exhaust, Dellorto carbs, shortened intake manifold, braced frame with custom lithium battery box, lengthened CR steel swingarm, Penske rear shock, 916 SPK front end, bevel fairing, vintage Veglia tach, Marvic magnisium wheels, and a few other goodies. This bike went off to win several vintage championships, with Llyod Johnson. 


Ducati 900 CR (EMPs 1st build)

This was Sport Bike Magazine test bike, a 1996 Ducati 900 CR that was sold at Pro Italia Motors new. It was purchase by EMPs founder before the company was even founded when he was 23 years old in 2006. The bike had the notorious cracked frame issue, and was clapped-out from years of sitting. The motorcycle was torn down, gussets were welded into the frame, the frame was then powder coated black, an 888 front end was installed with an 888 rear wheel (in the photo it shows the original CR wheel), Ohlins rear shock, custom battery box, smog and airbox delete, FCR 41 carbs, and some other mods christened our first build, which was a work in progress and an R&D bike which had multiple parts swaped out during its lifespan. 


Ducati 900 Final Edition

This bike was built for a friend and a client. It had a full DP exhaust which was professionally polished, Ohlins rear shock, Race Tech springs and gold valves, suspension work by EMP, Speedy Moto belt covers, Woodcraft clutch cover, and an Anti-Gravity lithium battery. This bike now lives in Hawaii. 


Ducati 900 Final Edition

This 1998 Ducati 900 Final Edition #205 USA is a really nice and rare bike. It was sold new at AMS Ducati in Dallas, Texas. We have the original owners manual, and both sets of keys. The was low-sided around 2002, and has sat ever since. This bike only has 7,777 original miles. It is in the Superlight registry, and has been verified to be an genuine article. We are in the process of restoring this motorcycle, and can put it back to stock, build you a track bike, or a custom cafe. This bike is blank canvas, and comes with exclusivity of not only being an EMP build but a limited production Ducati of only 800 units worldwide. 

*Pricing of this motocycle is $9,999.99- $39,999.99 depending on how you would like it built. For shipping information please see "Motocycles for Sale" tab, as well as contacting EMP Powersports & Marine by either email or phone. 


ATK 250 MX

This 1990 ATK 250 Cross Country is a "garage find" from Spokane, Washington purchased by EMP. Brian took this bike down to the frame, along with a second ATK to build one nice budget bike. This is currently Brian's woods bike and not for sale. 


1974 Honda CR125 Elsinore 

A frame-off restoration project that is nearly complete is the 1974 Honda CR125 Elsinore. This bike was pulled out of a field in rural Montana, where it sat for more than two decades. A client of ours reached out looking for specifically a 1974 Honda CR125M; as he had one in his youth. He purchased this CR from us, and commissioned EMP to perform a complete restoration. Every part of this motorcycle has been rebuilt, replaced, repolished, re-zinced, re-powder coated or repainted. The proud owner of this very special bike plans to race it, and asked us to build it how we would build it for ourselves- we did just that. To start we tore the bike completely down, and inventoried all of the useable parts. We determined that the motor was too far gone, and needed to source a new one. We sent the frame and swing arm out to be powder coated in Satin Black. The wheels were also in bad shape so we sent the hubs to our friends at Full Circle Racing, in order for new wheels to be made. For rubber, we went with a set of Michelin Starcross 5 tires. For suspension EMP (an authorized Ohlins and RaceTech dealer) sourced a set of AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) legal Ohlins CC606 shocks for the rear, and RaceTech springs and gold emulator valves in the front. EMP is well known for our metal polishing services, and polished the fork tubes, triple tree, shift lever, rear brake lever, and stock air box (which we didn’t end up using) in house. To further add to the performance of the bike, EMP installed a full DG pipe, and an oversized carburetor. This bike is now nearly complete is should be able to win awards on the track, as well as on the lawn.

IMG_3554 (1).jpg

1972 Funco SS1- Desert Racer

EMP is starting the restoration of the 1972 Funco SS1, this was a local “barn find” from Naples, Idaho. The car is a time capsule that takes you back to the early days of desert racing. The Funcos “built” 1600CC VW engine appears to have been swapped out with a stock 1600. All other components are from the time period from which this car was built and raced. The Funco features a Stinger exhaust, VW bus transmission, reverse gear axles, original seat, and racing harnesses (which will be updated to comply with modern racing regulations), and old school Bilstein shocks. This car raced in Baja, California/Mexico in the early 1970s, making it a true pioneer of desert racing. The SS1 is the same model of car that Bobby Ferro (winner of the 1971, 1972, 1974, and 1976  Baja 500 and 1971-1973  Mexican 1000) raced early in his career. EMP is planning on following in this tradition, with the help of Bobby Ferro himself in order to race the Pioneer class at NORRA Mexican 500 Off-Road Rally, The SCORE San Felipe 250, and The MINT 400 by 2023. EMP plans to keep the Funco period but upgrade the motor to a 2180CC or 2332CC in order to be competitive. This car is currently running, driving and licensed for road use in the state of Idaho, where it is occasionally pulled out of the barn and enjoyed in the local mountains. 

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